Juniper Berry

Voice Actor


Microphone: Rode NT1
Interface: SSL2+
Download speed: 57.4 Mbps
Upload speed: 15.6 Mbps
Software: Reaper

Hey there! I'm June, a non-binary voice actor from the UK. Comfortable in masculine and gender non-conforming roles.I've been voice acting in various projects since 2021. Working on video games, mods, comic dubs, ADR, and spoken word sections of songs.

You can hear me in...

Fallout: LondonMultiple rolesVideo Game Mod2024
War HospitalCrowdVideo Game2024
Once Upon a Wasteland: A Fallout StoryElias BlackhallRadio Play2023
Between The StarsCaptain FaulknenVideo Game2023
KingsbloodAbrash, Bilko, Lesser DemionVideo Game2023
Soniq Circus, Chapter 1: The Game BeginsNarratorAlbum2022